Translations Direct

A long-established translation service based in Salisbury, UK. We are competitively priced, and whatever your needs we have the flexibility to match them.

Our approach


Wherever necessary, this is undertaken in the target country, ensuring up-to-date terminology, idioms and cultural nuances.


We always check against the source text for accuracy, consistency and flow, and make sure that punctuation and grammar are perfect.

Editing is undertaken by professionals whose mother-tongue is the target language.

We can also offer a final proofreading service where a mother-tongue linguist polishes the edited translation in his/her own language.

In-house scrutiny

This is a final appraisal by a fresh eye to ensure that the translation is complete and accurate in every respect, and exactly matches your requirements in format and layout.

Quotes from clients

What makes us different?

We can look after your interests from start to finish. Throughout each project, you’ll be dealing with a competent manager who’ll make sure that the work progresses smoothly to reach you by the agreed deadline. We have the resources to deliver multi-language translations, and can liaise with your country representatives to tailor the end product to local requirements. Our production method will ensure that your messages are consistent and fluent in every language, whatever their target audience.

How can we help you?

Whatever your business, translations are probably a small but important part of it. Our aim is to give you complete confidence that this part is in good hands. Whether your project is just a single paragraph, or a multi-page technical manual required in ten languages, our first step will always be to tell you what we recommend and how much it will cost. Once accepted, the job will be overseen by an experienced project manager who will be available at any time to let you know how it’s progressing.

We provide:
  • A fully electronic service in Mac or Windows formats.
  • Your team of translators maintained for future projects.
  • Consistency of style and terminology from project to project.
  • Confidential archives of your previous translations.
Additional services:
  • Desktop publishing.
  • A 24/7 facility.
  • Brand name checking.
  • Revision of existing translations.
Our prices are:
  • Competitive.
  • Job-related.
  • Clearly stated at the start.

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